GDLS Canada

Innovation & Integration

General Dynamics Land Systems Capabilities


At General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada, protecting the troops is our top priority. Our Canadian built Light Armoured Vehicles, as well as all General Dynamics combat and tactical vehicles, are equipped with state-of-the-art systems and superior armour that provide maximum survivability from current and future threats on the battlefield. 

Integration and innovation are the strengths of the General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada team. We provide our customers with a family of vehicles that focus on modularity, in which a common design supports a multitude of configurations. General Dynamics engineers and technicians have world-class capability in systems engineering. From weapon systems to sight-management systems or specialty electronics, we are committed to the seamless integration of innovative solutions that meet our customers’ requirements.

At General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada, each of our LAV platforms has a continuously evolving product roadmap that anticipates and plans for future-technology insertions. These insertions are focused on enhancing mobility, payload, transportability, survivability and the digital vetronics architecture, increasing operational effectiveness and reducing life-cycle costs.

Significant independent research has been invested into developing a world-class, network-based digital backbone that readily accepts new technologies while being weight and space-claim efficient.  In addition to providing maximum scalability and flexibility, customer support is greatly improved with enhanced-diagnostic and redundant-control capability. We also continuously investigate and develop emerging subsystem-technology enhancements via independent research and apply them to scalable demonstrators. Advanced simulation and analysis is combined with real-world demonstrations and tests to continuously advance the fidelity of models and predictive behaviour matched to evolving threats. This extensive testing focuses on survivability, mobility, and lethality to ensure our customers that the products they receive are ready for the battlefields of today and tomorrow.