GDLS Canada

Sustainment Services

General Dynamics Land Systems Capabilities

At General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada, we are committed to supporting our products throughout their entire life cycle. We offer every customer a full range of support services and products, no matter where our vehicles might be located and whether in garrison or deployed. In Canada we are able to achieve this for the Canadian Forces in part through our Optimizied Weapons Systems Support (OWSS) program.

The mission of the OWSS contract is to provide the most appropriate combination of DND and industry weapon system support that will, through the life of the equipment, continue to provide operationally capable and available wheeled Light Armoured Vehicles to the soldier in the field. With this goal in mind, included under this contract is fleet management, supply support, technical support, engineering support and project management. This is a 5-year base contract with 21 option years. This arrangement is the first true performance-based contract for General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada, using an incentive and penalty structure.

More than 30 years after their initial fielding, many of our vehicles continue to save lives. As a key part of our product support, we conduct ongoing Obsolescence Management, in part using software such Q-StarĀ®, Total Parts PlusĀ® and GIDEP to identify issues before they pose a critical vehicle-deadline risk.