Our Vision

At General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada, we pride ourselves on our key role in stimulating innovation in the Canadian defence industry as a whole and in the manufacturing sector of Southwestern Ontario in particular. For us, innovation begins and ends with the needs of our customers, which is why we focus on collaboration. We work to understand their needs, requirements and plans as early as possible in the procurement cycle. We constantly engage with our end user community. This helps them to understand, assess and select technologies that we are developing and allows us to provide solutions that will bring them the greatest value.

General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada invests in its capabilities using Independent Research and Development funds. We have an in-house ability to scan the world and keep on top of the latest developments in a range of areas, such as modelling and simulation, robotics and industrial science. We assess emerging technologies to determine their impact on the mission of the future; this allows us to integrate groundbreaking technology into our platforms and provide mature capabilities, as soon as they are ready, in order to meet our customers’ needs.

Offering products with a high technology readiness level not only increases overall functionality, but also lowers program risk and gets much-needed systems into the hands of our soldiers more rapidly.

We are firmly committed to incorporating lessons our customers have learned during past conflicts and to developing the right platform solution that will meet their needs and protect them from next-generation threats.

That’s our Agenda of Innovation.